Steampunk lab Victorian natural science samples as decoration

Steampunk lab Victorian natural science samples

The Victorian era was well-known for a fascination with natural sciences; naturalists and biologists spent much time collecting and preserving samples and specimens found in nature. Plants, animal skeletons, & fossils all made for exciting discoveries to display.

Now you can have a collection of your very own, from a very talented artisan on Etsy. This beautiful “cabinet of curiosities” includes:

  • A custom made miniature butterfly dome with two petite Asian butterflies perched on a shell
  • A wet preserved Bearded dragon
  • A bottle containing moss and some lovely silk moth cocoons
  • A trio of sea urchin under a glass dome
  • A star fish
  • A set of shark jaws
  • Large shell
  • More!

You can procure this delightful collection of scientific curiosities from psychedelicpanther’s Etsy shop while it lasts!


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